How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4


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Holistic Songwriting is the most relevant resource for modern Songwriters/Producers on the net.

Friedemann Findeisen is an award-winning songwriter and the author of the bestselling book “The Addiction Formula”. As a musical profiler, he coaches some of the biggest producers in Germany.
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What’s up everyone, it’s Friedemann Findeisen from Holistic Songwriting. Welcome to the Artists Series where we take a close look at some of the biggest rock artists in the world to see how they make us feel a certain way. I’m happy to say that today we’re looking at one of my favorite bands, the Deftones. And I must admit it was difficult writing this episode as there are so many songs I want to discuss, so many interesting things that this band does. But I’ve tried to reign myself in and make this a great episode regardless whether you’re a fan or not.



  1. James Webb says:

    It's frustrating to me because I love Deftones but I don't understand what is meant here by sexual. And I just can't wrap my brain around music theory concepts.

  2. josh says:

    It's just Deftones, not "the Deftones."

  3. alan smithe says:

    Please do NIN and Bjork!

  4. Jo Conley says:

    I could watch a 10 hour video on deftones… Favorite band ever!

  5. Ross Fisher says:

    Glad you talked about 976-Evil. It’s their most underrated song in my opinion, and probably my favorite of all their songs

  6. Ahmed Osama says:

    What are deftones most dreamy songs?

  7. BV Mac says:

    Umm.. how is?.. OMG!! I might’ve found your doppelgänger.. check it out yo!


  8. Love the content!! In Flames or Opeth would be neat.

  9. please never forget Chino's love for the 9th step at many chords 😉
    thanks for the video! definitely makes me re-listen to all Deftones

  10. Rygg Larsen says:

    Just discovered your home here, and I love it. Just what I’ve been in the mood for. I was going to suggest one of the Deftones biggest influences, who are one of my all time faves: HUM, though I know you’re probably looking to analyze more well-known acts. But here’s your chances to shine some light. Keep up the amazing work. Truly top notch.

  11. Ryan Grimes says:

    he keeps calling them The Deftones and it's fucking killing me

  12. Rob says:

    This was excellent.

  13. lonely

  14. Eloy Harpeer says:

    No mention of Chi or Vega

  15. skbche says:

    Do Mastodon please.

  16. Aubrey Ladan says:

    Nihilistic, Dystopian, self-deconstruction/dissolution

  17. Z says:

    I have that shirt. Long sleeve ? if you like Deftones. Check out my band Dimphonic. We’re on youtube and stuff

  18. this video got me in to deftones, Thanks for that!

  19. Pete Harper says:

    Can't believe you talked about Abe and didn't mention the end of Bloody Cape. With any other drummer playing to Stefs simple, simple power riff, the way Abe brings a story to those last bars is just….just amazing. I've always been of the opinion that in the main riff of that song as well, the first kick of the bar and the first guitar stroke is actually a moment before the start of the bar, if that makes any sense?

    Please please do some Will Haven next!

  20. I'd argue the flat nine is the most dissonant interval of all (a Maj9(#11) chord sounds nice imo) – but i use a piano and not a guitar so who knows

  21. dcsdc csydc says:

    As a 8 string user I think he used single notes just because of the sound.

  22. tondefdom says:

    You sound a little like zoolander. Thanks for the video 😉

  23. Jack McKee says:

    ?The 2nd place eloquence award part. Nice belly laugh