Fiona Apple on Songwriting


None of this footage belongs to me, All footage belongs to the sundance channel and the creators of iconclasts.
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This is from season two, ep 9 (November 9, 2006)

I’ve edited this down to just clips of Fiona Apple on Iconoclasts talking about Songwriting and performing.. featuring Quentin Tarantino.. Ive edited this down because what she is saying exactly relates to whats going on in my life.



  1. oussy says:

    fuck i wish i could be a hot genius like this ?

  2. can't wait my millionaire silence contract

  3. Afonso Luiz says:

    "Instead of having everybody be my friend and understand me, everyone thought I was awful"

    Literally me if I released an album tho

  4. i love her holy cow

  5. Arton Finx says:

    if i was stuck in a lift with Quentin Tarantino, id bang my head until i fell unconcious and id get it done as quickly as possible.

  6. They're talking at each other

  7. Ray McGrath says:

    I mean take Astronomy..

  8. Ray McGrath says:

    Not everybody is a performer..And the performer gets dragged along with you through your career..The song is going to sound like Michael Jackson.. The Jackson 5..Somewhere over the rainbow.. It's different instruments.. Srtinged instruments.. And so they study Astronomy and that makes everybody more intelligent than we are..Just study Astronomy..

  9. macabre2007 says:

    Wow, honestly – she's a talent, but what she mentions, and what Tarantino calls the god antenna – it's called flow, and there are a lot of creative tools to help flow, she's talking about what we all have – haplessness with time being so precious.

  10. I agree with her that as a artist and especially in the music industry, you shouldn't be forcing it to just keep releasing music quickly like one cd after another to try and stay in the spotlight. Cause that just sounds like the recipe of how alot of crappy music gets made. Sounds like no room to grow and go through experiances which is important for songwriting, and even the creative process of like experimentation like different sounds or instruments and such. But she's also a super talented songwriter, musician, and singer too where people will wait for it

  11. Man is QT on some whack uppers or what??

  12. Had to pick the crazy bug eyed frame for thumb. Not that I'm mad. Just talking.

  13. han36solo says:

    Some editing (cut any tarantena) is requested.

  14. MrBook says:

    "If you have just made something, you should fuckin' feel like you've got nothing left in you." – Fiona Apple

  15. lol she was a little drunk at the end

  16. I can completely relate! Her music is terrific and authentic.

  17. Thibault A. says:

    There are fucking crazy I love them so much…By the way I ADORE the way Fiona speaks, it's so agressive but so honest

  18. fiona maple says:

    "if you've just made something you should fucking feel like you've got nothing left in you"

  19. Antonio C. says:

    I don't know why anyone would dislike Fiona, her attitude is so refreshing and her music is amazing. I love how she doesn't write music to be in the spotlight, only because its when she knows its right and that's what helps her express her emotions. She has influenced me in a great way. Most of her songs I can relate to or at least make my own connection to. Its not only heartwarming to fall in love with a song, but a singer who goes through just as much pain as you do and explains it so well.

  20.   As far as writing goes, I go through these strange phases after a book where I don't want to do anything because, like she said, I am so drained.  I write for fun.  I don't think I'll ever be famous. 

  21. I dont really get what Fiona's saying about you shouldnt write again if you come up with something good.Some artists write great songs everyday.I dont see anything wrong with that.Fionas written hundreds of songs in her life.It wouldnt make sense to stop now unless she's just not inspired anymore.

  22. microbemanny says:

    She's good at saying things. But not so good at being right.

  23. mproducer says:

    Successful Song Writing and Script Writing is Therapy.

  24. the god antenna analogy is so fucking true

  25. Ya tarintino no shit you like the violent imagery in her music. We all know you jerk off to snuff films at 3 in the morning. Love you no homo.

  26. rohme says:

    I really dislike people whining in interviews, reveal some insight to your craft, stay engaging, this is not a therapy session.

  27. rohme says:

    Tarantino and Apple in an SUV, that's like a Manic personality seminar.

  28. Bruce Blake says:

    so hard to write when you feel forced……. i get it.

  29. 1495RTS says:

    Two freaking awesome talents!

  30. yedaperry says:

    I like her music okay, but why so serious? She seems kinda batty, honestly.

  31. Fiona is great. Tarantino is an imbecile.

  32. serious22 says:

    "This world is bullshit!"
    Fast forward 16 years & it's only gotten worse…

  33. I first "discovered" Fiona a couple of years ago . . . and was immediately hooked. She is the real deal, a genuine musical genius, and more than a bit out there on the edge. But no matter what she does, it's always interesting, and genuine. Very, very few people in the music "business" deserve that form of recognition . . . but in her case, not the slightest doubt. She is who she is, and I'll always listen to whatever she comes up with next, if and whenever that might be.

  34. Jinx Wilson says:

    I love that she's so resolute about her talent. It makes me kinda sad to see how fucked around she was, but I'm thankful it didn't stop her love of music. I adore her. She got me through a sad time in my life. I wonder how many lives she's saved with her music.

  35. She's so dark I love her!

  36. Cesar Morera says:

    I like the way she thinks…