SongWriters Showcase: Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt and Guy Clark




  1. Cody M says:

    Would you upload Johnny Lee and Charly McClain on Austin City Limits in 1982?

  2. Ken Hull says:

    I saw these four in Reno. Changed my songwriting ideas forever. God bless Lyle for carrying this tradition on. A lifetime memory.


  4. Blake Norman says:

    Joe got a few claps from Guy, that was cool

  5. steve julian says:

    Was very lucky to go see them in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Was a great show.

  6. These boys is terrific. And, that Johnny Hiatt be one sing-ular talent.

  7. John Carey says:

    This is what I miss about not living in Texas anymore! Arizona is beautiful but I miss the great songwriters.

  8. Saw these 4 at a guitar pull in Calgary, Alberta Canada. What a great show. To top it off Guy invited Canadian singer/song writer Ian Tyson to the stage where Tyson sang a beautiful song about the wind
    What a special night. These 4 have many Canadian fans who appreciate their songs. I really miss Guy.
    Bruce Jackson

  9. LMBO… 13 thumbs down

  10. snowdog001 says:

    Guy Clark Dublin Blues – I'm speechless….

  11. JOHN PRICE says:

    Front row in Green Bay, WI. Damned moving. Damned moving all the way.

  12. Flora Bunda says:

    Guy Clark bigger than life. What a treat to watch this. Sorry I never got to see Guy, Rodney Crowell talking about him at concert Sunday.
    Have seen Joe Ely (love that boy) a few times, the last a very small venue, The Forum, in San Luis Obispo 20 years ago?
    ;In 2011 got to see John Hiatt, (only reason I went), and Lyle Lovett at Chumash Casino Santa Ynez Calif, two rows back (house only about 1/2 full, so usher put us close instead of where our seats were), just the two of them sitting on chairs, exchanging songs and stories like two old friends sitting on the front porch, Liked Lyle during that. Usually not a fan, (except for If I Had a Boat.) I guess they often tour together. Doing so now.

  13. Tony Valvoda says:

    I saw them perform in Cleveland quite a few years ago. It was the best. Greatest songwriters ever. Guy Clark was and is so special. This is the type of music that really touches your soul.

  14. Tom Thomas says:

    Saw this lineup in Chicago. What an incredible show.

  15. good 'un says:

    Funny how nearly lost memories come flashing to the surface with the right trigger. Watching Lyle Lovett singing My Baby Don't Tolerate, I remembered the movie The Player, where Lyle and Whoopi Goldberg are detectives investigating the murder of a screenwriter, with Tim Robbins as the main suspect. It's a twisted noir-style murder mystery, definitely worth seeing.

  16. good 'un says:

    Ya' know, I have long thought that if Bruce Springsteen had grown up in Texas, he would have become Joey Ely!

  17. Nancy Jacobs says:

    I'll never forget this show. Saw them in Houston just sitting around pickin', telling stories and clearly enjoying each others' company.

  18. Tom Giovanni says:

    Whoever thumbs down this video is a brain dead asshole.

  19. Joe Fabian says:

    unreal…..so much talent on ONE stage

  20. Thank you for posting this. I saw their tour when they were in Chicago-so good! By the way, Lyle's not from France, he's from Texas so there's no "e".

  21. Allen NYC says:

    Saw this foursome play at a free performance at The Bottom Line in New York City, part of a weekend of guitar-oriented performances around the city. The Bottom Line closed in 2004, and I saw the show while a student at New York University, so it must have been around 1992-94 (John Hiatt definitely had more on his head at that show). Could have been a precursor to the tours that followed. It was memorable – sitting at a table five feet from the performers as they did their informal exchange of songs – not all that different from what is shown here. Thanks to whoever posted it.

  22. MrDrewlips says:

    Its wonderful how they finished with two by Guthrie.  This land wasn't made for the corporate thieves.

  23. MrDrewlips says:

    pravda – enchilada  LOL

  24. Thank you Lyle, the question of whether the show was really outside has dogged me for many years.

  25. this is amazing to watch!! 1st time TY ~

  26. Wow. Glad I found this. I saw these guys do this show at the Bass Performance Hall in Ft Worth maybe '99-2000. One of my favorite nights of music ever. Had no idea they did an Austin City Limits episode. I knew I liked all of their music, but remember being amazed at my degree of entertainment by John Hiatt's story telling. Such classics.

  27. Josh Clapp says:

    Famous people are rarely significant and significant people are rarely famous. The world is full our wonderful artists of all kinds that aren't household names or on the top forty.

  28. I saw this on the Saturday night PBS program. So glad I could find it. Some of the best Americana music you can hear.

  29. Great great great and great.

  30. I saw this show twice, once in Clearwater, Fl and once in Indianapolis. Both were different from each other and from this one. It's wonderful. I miss Guy Clark.

  31. Jeffrey Ross says:

    this is wonderful x 4

  32. Harvestersz says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. Much appreciated.

  33. Scott Weymer says:

    This was a great show Good as it gets

  34. Cody M says:

    From Austin City Limits Season 34 (2008-2009).