Songwriter? Make Sure That Your Songs on the Internet Are Properly Protected

First, a quick quiz; what 2 things do ALL these artists have in common?

– Beyonce

– Westlife

– Josh Groban

– Mariah Carey

– Prince

– Led Zeppelin

– The Rolling Stones

– Eminem

– Carole King

– Tupac

– The Flaming Lips

– George Harrison

– Cat Stevens

– Coldplay… read more

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John Mayer Berklee Part 4 Economy in Songwriting and Playing

“A lot of the times you hear a song that doesn’t have vocals on it yet. It’s sort of like a jump rope going around. You’re thinking about how you’re going into it.

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How to Get A Songwriting Record Deal

It’s funny really. Every musician I’ve ever known has had that dream at one point or another. But the truth is, there really are no clear cut ways, or information available that tell you how to get a songwriting record deal. You are kind of on your own here. But I’d like to try and point you in the right direction at least, so that when you do get to the point that you want some free band promotion, or songwriting tips and resources, at least you’ll know where to turn, instead of trying to pin the tail on the music donkey with your blindfold on. read more

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10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners

I really hope this vlog helps young songwriters find some inspiration to start writing! #EmmaVlogs Pro Tools First M-Audio …


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Songwriting Help For Songwriters’ Block

Few songwriters use thesauruses during the songwriting process, thinking it’s either a form of cheating, it ruins their natural creativity making lyrics sound forced, or simply because they don’t own a copy of one! But a thesaurus offers the most songwriting help when it comes to songwriters block and there are actually several techniques on how to use it. read more

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IMRO Songwriting Seminar With Pat Pattison

This seminar will give you important keys to phrasing your lyrics for the most impact and support of meaning. Working with rhythms and placements, you’ll learn …


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Songwriter Helper

In this competitive world of song writing, online sources have a songwriter helper. The songwriter helper can gear song writers to discover their hidden potential by offering tips, lyric editing and writing services, music writing and editing services, and custom sheet music creation. An online source and personal attention can prove to be the best songwriter helper when it provides inspiration and meaningful feedback and song writing tips. read more

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Songwriting Workshop I with Larry Dvoskin

Want More? Order “Do What You Love- Songwriting” on today. This is a continuation of the songwriting …


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How To Become A Songwriter

The key job of a songwriter is to write a song. Not to perform the song. Not to record the song. Not to promote the song. Not to sell the song. But to write the song.

Your primary skill as a songwriter is to pick the right notes and right chords to go with the right words and right song title and write them into a song. read more

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