House Concerts – The "New" Way to Hear Music

You are in a bar. Right up front, because a musician you really like is about to start playing. Ever since you first heard this guy on public radio, he’s been on your A List. Last summer, you were overjoyed to find him on a music festival schedule, and travelled several hundred miles to hear him play the small mainstage. He was fantastic in person, and you were floating when you left, having purchased three of his CDs. read more

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Halestorm on songwriting…

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Where It's At: There's country music and Western music, and sometimes they meet

Where It's At: There's country music and Western music, and sometimes they meet
Her debut 1999 recording “Tumbleweed Letters” came to the attention of Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival director Gary Brown, who hired her to appear at the festival. He also shared her music with other promoters, and … In a quick note, Emmy …
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George Harrison’s Beatles Songs

Beatles Songs Written & Sung By George Harrison

What follows are all of the originally released Beatles songs written and sung by the “quiet Beatle” George Harrison. They are listed alphabetically. Note that I am not counting as Beatles songs – those which were originally released on his solo albums and then were included in the Anthology series (such as “All Things Must Pass” – evenough I love the Anthology 3 version.) read more

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How To Get A Songwriting Publishing Deal? [Rick Barker] New Artist Blueprint

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Top Techno Songs

Hello fellow techno lovers, or those just waiting for the inevitable conversion to a new faith. From Sash to Picotto, this top 10 techno songs list really holds its own against any other on the web.

My own personal top techno songs may not be your own, nobody is perfect! If not then ultimately – fair enough. It’s completely relative to perspective although there are many songs many people like, so in some ways it’s more of a cross section of what people, including myself (yes I am a person), feel about techno. Of course you will get the odd techno viking saying, hey that’s not pure techno, and to be honest in some respects they are right. read more

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Five Steps to Protecting Your Music and Your Money

There are a lot of independent labels out there waiting to use a talented musician to make quick money. The offers may seem hard to refuse, especially if you are a struggling artist or band that has struggled to get a record deal. A little money and exposure may seem great for the moment, but you run a high risk of getting contractually bound to that record label for the rest of your life. If a better deal comes along later, you may not be able to accept it, or you may get robbed of your rightful percentages. read more

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