Becoming a Rap Songwriter

Becoming a rap songwriter takes someone who is talented in the area of writing songs and also someone who knows what they are doing. You must also enjoy writing songs and being a part of the music industry. If you possess the skills needed and your are looking into becoming a rap songwriter, there are some things that you can do in order to get your foot in the door. Sometimes, it is not only the talent that matters when writing songs. Sometimes it is what you know about the business that will make you famous. read more

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Songwriter Confessions #5

The ghost of Bob Dylan breezed into the studio this week and touched me on the shoulder. Lyrically, Bobby Zim has always been right up there, although melodically he’s down here with the rest of us. I played in a folk group in the 60s around Britain and in France and my mental repertoire of folk music often helped me in spotting melodies that ole Bob had borrowed from the folkies. For instance: the melody of Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream is a direct lift of a 19th century whaling song called Brave Franklin (and His Gallant Crew). But music is full of coincidences: ever notice that the verse chords and melody of the Bellamy Bros’ If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body and the Eagles’ Lying Eyes are exactly the same? No? I bet the lawyers did… read more

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10 Tips on Songwriting!

For those of you love songwriting and need some tips, I made this video for you guys. Enjoy(:

1) Write what you feel.
– Don’t just write out random lyrics. Write about something that’s important to you, something you care about, or maybe even something funny you saw on the way to school or work. read more

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Songwriter for Hire

A  songwriter  for hire is a ghostwriter who writes songs and/or song lyrics for their clients. A  songwriter  for hire is an experience  songwriter  who has learned many tips and techniques to writing songs. Whether you decide to hire a  songwriter  or not, the following tips we have learned can help you throughout the process. read more

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Kate Voegele – On Songwriting

Music video by Kate Voegele performing On Songwriting. (C) 2009 MySpace/Interscope Records


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