Songwriting is most important to Old Dominion

Country band Old Dominion say songwriting is the most important thing when they went to make their new record, ‘Happy Endings,’ which also features a song about strong women. (Aug. 31)

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Songwriting Quick Tips – Brainstorming (Episode #1)



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Fiona Apple on Songwriting

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How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4

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Songwriting Made Simple | Interview with Dr. Maya Ackerman

Dr. Maya Ackerman, CEO of WaveAI Inc, shares the origins of ALYSIA – a Songwriting AI assistant that makes it easy for anyone, everywhere, to create original songs in minutes. read more

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Songtown Pro Publishing Tips: How To Break Into Songwriting Biz

Breaking into the business is the most complicated and difficult part of becoming a songwriter. The SongTown guys and veteran publisher Clay Myers give you their tips and tricks to help you navigate the sea of songwriting. read more

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Quick Songwriting Tips: Color and Contrast Your Harmony | Tip 2/8 | Berklee Online

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If you’re writing too many of your songs just using major triads, your listeners may start to get bored. The way to color and contrast harmonies is by transforming major triads into suspended chords. And when you’re considering the bass note of your chord, going with the third note in the scale can add more color than simply using the root note in the bass. In this video, Shane Adams showcases how to transform your songs by switching up the harmonies. read more

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Repetition In Songwriting // Episode 16

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in this video I’m talking about how to use repetition in your songwriting. Repetition is one of the key elements in writing a great song. Research has shown that songs that use more repetition are more, enjoyable and interesting for the listener and are also more successful. So in this lesson i’m talking about how we can use repetition in the melody, lyrics, structure and harmony when writing our songs. read more

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How To Write Better Melodies! (Songwriting 101)

In this songwriting 101 tutorial, learn how to write better melodies! Printable Cheat Sheet: // Don’t forget… ??

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