How to Steal Chord Progressions & Other Songwriting Tips | Online Workshop with Matt Donner

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February 8th, 7-9pm PST

In this live online workshop, Pyramind YouTube star, Matt Donner, discusses how different songs leverage a particular technique to achieve “”that sound””. Starting with one common technique shared by Deadmau5, the Foo Fighters and Hans Zimmer, he will showcase how knowing and using music theory can allow you to “”borrow”” chords, progressions and modes to achieve an intense and downward movement in harmony. Matt will also cover more common progressions and ways to take simple (and well-used progressions) and add complexity and emotional change to be both unique and interesting.

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SONGWRITING insideOUT feat. Matt Epp

Dark Horse Institute and the International Songwriting Competition join forces to present SONGWRITING insideOUT, a new online video series on the processes and passions of songwriting.

Whether you’ve got a string of hits under your belt or you’re just starting out; whether your strong suit is words or music; whether you prefer to work alone or collaborate, this Dark Horse video series will provide valuable tips and tricks to up your game. read more

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iPhone Application Development: Latest Evolution in Technology

Technology is exhibiting lots of benefits to the people and it is your duty to effectively make use of the technology with the main aim of getting various tasks done within the shortest time frame. There are many people who are really interested towards the technical side of the development and are in turn contributing various useful applications that could move with many android cell phones and other portable devices like iPads. It is common that you might be required to deliver a speech or lecture or even a seminar if you are a student and there are applications in the cell phones which could definitely help you with the task of having all the documents with the portable device. read more

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Top 5 Singing Careers – Earn Your Living As a Singer!

Singing Careers have always been thought of as being difficult to achieve and only for dreamers who dare to put their livelihood on the line! However, there are a great number of freelance jobs as well as proper career paths that a singer may take, and it is not difficult to earn a good living as a singer! read more

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Pulling From the Prospective Pool of Potential Possibilities

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Wooing Our Latent Artistic Ability

Have you ever thought (or, more importantly experienced) how it is that we, as human beings, are not vested in one single contrived act, premeditated thought or established plan we undertake? Though we go to great lengths to convince ourselves of our seemingly verifiable involvement, we are, quite to the contrary, totally disinterested in the various delegated projects we undertake. [We, more or less, simply go through the motions.] IF, on the other hand, something quite unexpectedly happens, without our planning, prodding and manipulating the circumstances, inadvertently another kind of sensual vitality occurs. read more

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Basic Singing Exercises For the Aspiring Performer

Anyone can sing but not everyone can do it well without the benefit of singing exercises. Certainly, most people have the right equipment — that is, they have the prerequisite body parts to be able to sing and be able to learn to sing well. After all, speech and song are different from each other only in form and purpose. Any aspirant can become a better singer with the proper voice training. read more

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Learning Guitar As an Adult – By Taking "Baby Steps"

I still remember back as a kid on Christmas morning, bouncing down the stairs in anxious anticipation, spying the colorful packages under the tree, and attacking the presents like a crazed wild man, frantically shredding wrapping paper and practically salivating to discover the contents. read more

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Printable Sheet Music

The internet has been a revelation for many different people; musicians and music teachers among them. In years gone by finding a single piece of sheet music at an affordable price was a relatively simple task that did not require running all over town. Today that task is becoming an increasingly more difficult and expensive venture. The internet and online music stores have simplified significantly the search for sheet music with the advent of printable sheet music. Whether it be a beginning French horn student, an advanced piano player, or a string quartet looking for an appropriate piece of music there is a website that can help locate the piece and allow for instant downloading and/or printing of the music. Whether it be a Beethoven Sonata, some easy listening music, and the latest pop tunes; or a simple treble clef piece to the full orchestral composition the internet has it all. read more

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