Songwriting 101: How to write/record a “Better” song!

Music video for “Better” here:
Download this song, “Better” on itunes here:
Take a peek into my songwriting/recording process. This is my version of “how to write a song” Ah. There’s not really a specific process, it just kind of happens. It can happen in so many different ways. I hope this inspires you to write a tune! Would love to hear what you all have written! This was a little scary…but very rewarding. Please let me know if you would like more videos like these. I enjoyed putting this together. read more

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Lennon and McCartney on the Songwriting Process and Songs Written for Others – Beatles Interview

Sgt. Pepper outtakes:

White Album outtakes:

All These Years – Extended Special Edition:

Beatles box sets: read more

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Break Me Down – Matt McCoy (original songwriting)

This is a song I wrote back in 2012 that is one of my favorites I’ve written. It talks about my need for God to move me and my desires out of the way so I can be used by Him. Hope you enjoy it! read more

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2nd season of China’s songwriting reality show begins in 2015

Riding the high popularity of TV reality shows, China’s “Sing My Song” gets ready to enter into its second season. The first season won critical acclaim amongst industry insiders and TV audiences, and in the New Year audiences will be able to enjoy Season 2! The TV program involves contestants belting out their self-composed tunes, while judges vote by turning their chairs to discover the next music industry star. read more

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Songwriting: The Process of Collaborating

Rudden+Bridge | Songwriters

Collaborating on their very first song, ‘Calling [March, 2012]

Producer/Songwriter, Stephen ‘Beanz’ Rudden and Singer/Songwriter, Loz Bridge found each other on LinkedIn after Beanz posted a ‘call to action’ to gifted and talented musicians to join him in a collaborative music venture. Loz drove up from Bristol to meet and work with Beanz in his Hertfordshire-based home studio in the hopes of creating something amazing. This isn’t about one person and their songwriting gift, it’s about a collective of musicians and/or singers working together to create something magical. read more

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60 Second Songwriting Tips – Instruments

A weekly series where I share tips and ideas to help you on your songwriting journey!

Want lessons from me? Tips? Want to collaborate? Write me!
robert [at] robertgillies [dot] com


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Awesome Freestyle Songwriting

I was just strumming some chords and then Daniel broke into a random song. No idea what it’s about (something about apples and alligators). Like?


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Berklee College of Music Guitar and Songwriting Audition


This was my audition for Berklee Collage of Music in Boston for guitar and songwriting. I am now currently attending Berklee. Both are original tunes. If you have any questions about the audition, please feel free to ask it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for watching! read more

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Chuck Cannon’s – Songwriting Advice and “Hard Rhymes”

Award-winning singer/songwriter Chuck Cannon takes time before the Real Life Real Music Live from Dosey Doe Show to share his advice to aspiring songwriters. Chuck has had songs cut by Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Toby Keith, John Michael Montgomery, among others. read more

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Q&A #1: Eagle’s Landing, Jesse, Sister + Songwriting

My sister and I answer a series of Twitter and Instagram questions that people have asked! The first of many! If I didn’t get to your question, be sure to re-ask next time!

xxo, keep the music alive, gems. read more

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