Songwriting Workshop I with Larry Dvoskin

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This is a continuation of the songwriting process as well as life lessons by the author about how to turn your passion for music, from hobby into a career. The songwriting professor Mr. Dvoskin is available to present ‘master classes’ worldwide, and from time to time schedule depending available for private “hire” to offer songwriting services, career coaching, and even song production. For professional inquiries: read more

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Worth Repeating: a documentary on songwriting

Nashville songwriters Steve Moakler and Stephanie Lambring walk through the process of making a song and doing it for a living.


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Lennon and McCartney on the Songwriting Process and Songs Written for Others – Beatles Interview

Sgt. Pepper outtakes:

White Album outtakes:

All These Years – Extended Special Edition:

Beatles box sets: read more

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The Songwriting Chronicle #8 – Danish Cake Time

The Songwriting Chronicle #8

Danish Cake Time

This title for this song came from an instagram post with the caption ‘danish cake time’.

One of the drum fills is a tribute to Queens of the stone age – first it giveth read more

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Songwriting Example 49 (Atmospheric Slam) – Collaboration with Anthony Yoshie Berardinelli of Towers

This song CANNOT be used for your personal project. It is created specifically for the artist/musician/vocalist that hired me to write it. This track cannot be downloaded and re-uploaded to your page, or anywhere else. If you would like a custom created song, please contact me at Thank you for listening! read more

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How To Write A Song – Top Ten Tips

The first episode of the Top Ten Tips series

My top tips for writing songs


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This is probably the most stressful and fun video we’ve made yet! Give it a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it! Also because I stayed up all night editing this lol SUBSCRIBE for more videos every Wednesday!! read more

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How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4

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2nd season of China’s songwriting reality show begins in 2015

Riding the high popularity of TV reality shows, China’s “Sing My Song” gets ready to enter into its second season. The first season won critical acclaim amongst industry insiders and TV audiences, and in the New Year audiences will be able to enjoy Season 2! The TV program involves contestants belting out their self-composed tunes, while judges vote by turning their chairs to discover the next music industry star. read more

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