THE BEST SONGWRITING TIPS PART 2 – MAYE studio vlogs episode 9 A

Studio Session with Daniel Owen & Patrick Brizard.

Me and Patrick giving away some songwriting tips to you guys in this one. Nothing super major but it’s always to important to have a couple of starters when it comes to songwriting! read more

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Publishing and revenue streams for songwriters – Music Business 101 for Songwriters

In this video I discuss publishing and revenue streams with my buddy James Taylor from the Music Business Institute, aimed at songwriters – we chat about where money should come from and who pays you! read more

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THREE SONGWRITERS: Michael Stipe / Lou Reed / Robbie Robertson | Charlie Rose

Michael Stipe, Musician / Photographer, “Two Times Intro” [Little, Brown & Co.] /// Lou Reed, Muscian / Songwriter, clips: “Rock and Roll Heart” [“American Masters” / Thirteen-WNET], cd: “Perfect Night” [Reprise Records (Time Warner)] /// Robbie Roberston 6 , Guitarist / Songwriter, clips: “Robbie Robertson, Making a Noise: A Native American Musical Journey [Capitol Records / Perry Films], cd: “Contact From the Underworld of Redboy” [Capitol Records] read more

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Songwriting To Tracks – Part 1 // Episode 22

In this weeks video I’m talking about songwriting to tracks. Songwriting to tracks is a great way to inspire yourself when writing. Whether you aren’t a musician and you struggle with the harmony side of songwriting. Or whether you’re a musician but often find yourself stuck in a rut. In the video I show you where you can go online to get tracks that will inspire you in your songwriting. All the links I mention are included below. read more

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Talking songwriting and guitars with Mastodon's Bill Kelliher

We sat down with Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher to talk guitars and songwriting when the band touched down in Melbourne to play the inaugural Download Festival.

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Bebe Rexha talking about being Albanian and songwriting (Ebro Darden Interview)

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10 Songwriting Tips for beginners or Eleven Tips

?????? Free ebook with creative songwriting tips:

10 Songwriting Tips For Beginner or Eleven Tips. I go through 10 songwriting tips for beginners that can help you develop your skills.
You can use them when you write songs on guitar or piano. read more

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2018 Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge Finalist: Jillian Guetersloh

“Nothing at All”
Mentored by Anna K. Jacobs
Music Directed by Benjamin Rauhala
Performed by: Krystina Alabado (vocals), Benjamin Rauhala (piano), David Cinquegrana (guitar), Yair Evnine (cello), Sean Carney (violin) read more

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Creative Project- Songwriting

A discussion on writing songs and examples of how to structure them


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