Ralph Murphy Lecture – How to be Successful at Songwriting

Ralph Murphy talks to Loyola University Students about what it takes to write a successful song.


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To Sign with a Publisher or Not? | Songwriting Workshop

Over the last 30+ years, Don has written over 100 songs in the Christian/Gospel music industry. In this video, Don gives a great perspective to one of the more popular questions facing songwriters today. Also, find out who/what Don attributes much of his success to. Want to learn more about Songwriting? Check out our Songwriting Workshop playlist here: http://bit.ly/1Vdqv3e. New videos posted every week! Subscribe today so you never miss a video: http://bit.ly/1In0KIP read more

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Songwriting: The Process of Collaborating

Rudden+Bridge | Songwriters

Collaborating on their very first song, ‘Calling [March, 2012]

Producer/Songwriter, Stephen ‘Beanz’ Rudden and Singer/Songwriter, Loz Bridge found each other on LinkedIn after Beanz posted a ‘call to action’ to gifted and talented musicians to join him in a collaborative music venture. Loz drove up from Bristol to meet and work with Beanz in his Hertfordshire-based home studio in the hopes of creating something amazing. This isn’t about one person and their songwriting gift, it’s about a collective of musicians and/or singers working together to create something magical. read more

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Songwriting Series – Part 2

DONATIONS: http://www.andrewwasson.com/donations.php

MORE LESSONS: http://www.creativeguitarstudio.com/

Andrew Wasson from Creative Guitar Studio continues his three part series covering the analysis of various songwriting ideas used to create a pop/rock song. read more

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Composition & Songwriting Department at McNally Smith College of Music

Overview of the Composition and Songwriting Department at McNally Smith College of Music.

Learn more about our songwriting and composition degrees at McNally Smith: http://bit.ly/x2yYB5.

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Songwriting through Riff Variation

In this lesson we take a look at ways to create variation in our guitar riffs and songwriting.



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Software for songwriting & music practice – ChordPulse

ChordPulse is a software for songwriting. It is a musical sketch pad for the songwriter to try out musical ideas, a unique tool to explore the musical composition. The program is also great for music practice and improvisations. Just enter your chords or choose a chord progression, select a music style (e.g. pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues, country, etc.), adjust tempo and let the program do the rest. Pick up your guitar, bass or microphone and play along or sing along with your backing music. This songwriting software includes over 100 music styles to give songwriters endless inspiration. Experiment with chord progressions, music styles, tempos, keys, modulations, arrangements, various songwriting techniques. Download a fully functional free trial from ChordPulse.com and let me know what you think about this songwriting program. read more

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