How To Write A Song – Songwriting Tutorial 4 – Lyrics

ALL NEW TUTORIALS NOW POSTED HERE: Part FOUR of my mini songwriting tutorial series.
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Pat Pattison on Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Songwriters, Berklee!

Pat Pattison on songwriting, lyric writing, and songwriters. Legendary Berklee College of Music professor is interviewed by Kevin Thomas of Songwriting Planet. From modern songwriting techniques to literary criticism and linguistic philosophy, you will get a glimpse of the deep knowledge in Pat’s amazing songwriting books, Berklee courses, Coursera, and much more. read more

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Berklee Online Lyric Writing Clinic: Pat Pattison

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In this free songwriting clinic, Berklee College of Music Professor and Berklee Online course author, Pat Pattison, offers tips for lyric writing. He is joined by Senior Academic Advisor, Mark Hopkins. read more

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IMRO Songwriting Seminar With Pat Pattison

This seminar will give you important keys to phrasing your lyrics for the most impact and support of meaning. Working with rhythms and placements, you’ll learn how to make sure that the line, like body language, helps to really deliver the emotion you intend. This is another “can’t miss” seminar — it’s bound to take your writing to the next level. read more

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Your Enlightened Guide Lyrics & Songwriting – What It Means To "Nail" Songwriting

Nailing Lyric/Songwriting is has nothing to do with external approval or popularity. You nail it within yourself and then others resonate with you from that level.

Hey everyone, I would like to give you access to my entire course on “Your Enlightened Guide To Lyrics & Songwriting”. I would just ask you in exchange to support the course by leaving a 5-star review when it asks you. Thank you! read more

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Songwriting I – Year One

Songwriter’s Skills and Craft
– Creative Songwriting: Melody and lyrics writing.
– Basic Structures: The Verse-Chorus (AB) form. The Verse-Chorus-Bridge form.
– Theory for Songwriters: Basic concepts of music theory for songwriters.
– Lyric-writing: The 6 best friends. Number of Lines. Length of Lines. Dimension of lines (external, internal, hybrid). Rhyme types.
– Rambling & Scaffolding: Generating ideas, getting inspiration, using your senses
– Rhetoric in Songwriting: Anaphora, Parallelism, etc.
– The Classic Form: Standard AABA form.
– AAA Forms and blues Form: Old but still gold song forms.
– History of Song: Glances at established songwriters.
– Introduction to Music Technology: Creating a song demo.
– Listening and analyzing songs: Understanding forms.
– Modes of Address: Lyrical. Dramatic. Narrative.
– Through-composed Form: a more complex song form.
– Basic Business of Music: Tips for new songwriters. read more

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Songwriting Software, Android lyric writing app, Songwriter’s Pad


Can’t find the right word or phrase? Running low on inspiration? Then Songwriter’s Pad™ for Android is the app for you. It is the ultimate songwriter’s tool for Android powered devices. read more

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