Quick Songwriting Tips: Shift Melodies to Not Start on the Downbeat | Tip 7/8 | Berklee Online

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Most songwriters always start their songs on the downbeat, but if you want to try something different, to make your songs stand out, shift your melody to beats 3, 4, or 5. Berklee Online instructor Shane Adams explains that by shifting your melody to different beats, you create more contrast in your song. Even a simple melody can be more interesting just by starting it on different beats. The chief reason this method works: More anticipation for the listeners! read more

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Quick Songwriting Tips: Color and Contrast Your Harmony | Tip 2/8 | Berklee Online

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If you’re writing too many of your songs just using major triads, your listeners may start to get bored. The way to color and contrast harmonies is by transforming major triads into suspended chords. And when you’re considering the bass note of your chord, going with the third note in the scale can add more color than simply using the root note in the bass. In this video, Shane Adams showcases how to transform your songs by switching up the harmonies. read more

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How to Write a Song Using Imagery: 9 Songwriting Tips from Andrea Stolpe | American Songwriter

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It’s easy to see the imagery that songwriters use in the lyrics of country music, but in other types of music, it’s a little bit more difficult to pin down. In this free songwriting tutorial, songwriter and Berklee Online course author Andrea Stolpe covers 9 ways to use effective imagery in your song lyrics, no matter what genre of song you’re writing. Working from the age old “show, don’t tell” school of songwriting, and encouraging innovative experiments that range from sensory writing to changing the lyrical perspective of your song, Andrea uncovers a number of effective ways to keep your listeners engaged in your lyrics. She also offers tips on how to get past the hurdle of the second verse, and how to write through a lens. read more

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How to Write A Song: Creating A Song Over A Guitar Riff | Songwriting | Tips & Techniques

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In this free songwriting tutorial, Berklee professor Jimmy Kachulis teaches you how to write an entire song over a guitar riff or distinctive bass line using effective melody techniques. read more

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Berklee Online Course Overview | Songwriting: Melody

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In this class, songwriter/author Jimmy Kachulis reveals how to Construct strong, expressive melodies that your audiences will remember. It begins with a focus on rhythm, showing how it can support the lyric’s meanings. Then, you’ll learn how the precise use of pitch can strengthen a melody, making it natural to sing, and supporting the lyric’s expressive goals and possibilities. You’ll learn effective ways to write melodies over common modes and chords, and develop these ideas into complete songs. read more

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Songwriting with Brendon Small of Dethklok

Learn about Brendon Small’s song writing and recording process. http://cr8.lv/uwbsstudiopassyt

In this clip from the CreativeLive class, Toontrack presents: Studio Pass, you watch Brendon Small write and record a song from scratch. read more

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How to Write a Song: Using Critique | Songwriting | Tips & Techniques

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In this free tutorial, Berklee Online instructor Andrea Stolpe shares tips and techniques for providing and receiving feedback and constructive criticism from fellow songwriters to improve your songs. read more

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Songwriting with EZdrummer 2 with Rikk Currence

Master all the new features and tools of EZdrummer 2 http://cr8.lv/1dVyQEx

Learn EZdrummer 2 from the master. Rikk Currence, Director of North American Operations and President for Toontrack – the creator of the EZdrummer line – will teach you how to get the most out of your new drummer. read more

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