Songwriting: Composing Smooth Simple Melody



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This Video: August 16, 2011 | Search Videos by Title/Date. read more

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LET’S WRITE A SONG – Episode 1 – Songwriting Process

This is the songwriting process. To see the see the demo and hear my final thoughts on the song, go here:

Download the demo:

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Berklee Online Interview: Pat Pattison Discusses Teaching Songwriting Online

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In this interview, Berklee College of Music Professor and Berklee Online course author, Pat Pattison, talks about his experience with teaching songwriting online. read more

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Metaphor for Songwriters – Creative Writing

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In this free online writing tutorial, Berklee College of Music professor and Berklee Online instructor Caroline Harvey offers advice for using metaphor in your songwriting and creative writing. read more

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Verrückte Beats & Dosenbier | Songwriting in Bonn

Verrückte Beats & Dosenbier | VLog Bonn
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Songwriting – Intro to Songwriting

Watch more Other subjects include high school and college math/science, computer science, and tons more music lessons!


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Software for songwriting & music practice – ChordPulse

ChordPulse is a software for songwriting. It is a musical sketch pad for the songwriter to try out musical ideas, a unique tool to explore the musical composition. The program is also great for music practice and improvisations. Just enter your chords or choose a chord progression, select a music style (e.g. pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues, country, etc.), adjust tempo and let the program do the rest. Pick up your guitar, bass or microphone and play along or sing along with your backing music. This songwriting software includes over 100 music styles to give songwriters endless inspiration. Experiment with chord progressions, music styles, tempos, keys, modulations, arrangements, various songwriting techniques. Download a fully functional free trial from and let me know what you think about this songwriting program. read more

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Pat Pattison, Professor of Songwriting

Pat Pattison is a Professor of Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Many of his students have gone on to enjoy successful careers in the music industry including John Mayer and Gillian Welch. read more

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Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst: Songwriting Tips and Techniques

Presented by the Arts Management Program in the College of Charleston School of the Arts and sponsored by Borboleta Audio Mastering, “In the MIX: Music Industry Exchanges” is a FREE series takes place once a month on the College’s campus in the Emmett Robinson Theatre (in the Simons Center for the Arts, 54 Saint Philip St). The series kicked off on January 27, 2014 with guests Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst ’01 of Shovels & Rope discussing songwriting. read more

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The Songwriting Chronicle #8 – Danish Cake Time

The Songwriting Chronicle #8

Danish Cake Time

This title for this song came from an instagram post with the caption ‘danish cake time’.

One of the drum fills is a tribute to Queens of the stone age – first it giveth read more

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