Jimmy Webb shares secrets of a singer-songwriter

Jimmy Webb shares secrets of a singer-songwriter
“I wanted to be a pure songwriter,” said the 68-year-old musician in a telephone interview from his home on Long Island, N.Y. “I wanted to write songs for other people to sing.” And write them, he did, achieving an astonishing level of success in a
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Jo Lawry review: Australia's finest jazz singer shows off her songwriting chops
Her exceptional improvisation skills need not be sacrificed on the altar of her song-writing, although the compensation in her own songs was the sense of flowers opening to reveal their secrets – that and her always accurate, charming and mellifluous
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Songwriter, singer, Yellow Springer
“We step into the forest within the Sacred Glen/We rise to float upon the breeze/As Helen starts to sing/We bow to all the trees/And the secrets of the earth come whispering.” Coleman learned how to improvise playing jazz piano at age 13 and considers …
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