Songbook Songwriting Camp 2018 – Nemzetközi dalszerz? tábor – (official aftermovie)

Október 24-28. között zajlott a Songbook Songwriting Camp, a második nemzetközi dalszerz? tábor, amely a tavalyihoz hasonlóan ismét a Zeneszö szervezésében került megrendezésre, hazai és nemzetközi zenészek és zeneipari szerepl?k részvételével, ezúttal Dunaszentmiklóson. A tavaly egyedülálló módon elindított hazai kezdeményezés idén folytatódott,, méreteiben és tartalmában pedig gazdagabbá vált. Ezúttal közel negyven zeneipari szakember és zenész volt jelen a táborban, amely összetételét tekintve az egész régiót lefedte: szerb, cseh, román, litván, valamint svéd, osztrák és természetesen hazai szerepl?k alkottak, 5 napon át. read more

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Danny Hawkins shares his songwriting On Song International

Danny Hawkins explains his songwriting process and how he came to be mind expanded? In his mind expansion centre ?(-:

We invite you to add any language subtitles to this video read more

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PRISTINE – Songwriting for 'Road Back To Ruin' (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

PRISTINE’s album, ‘Road Back To Ruin’, out April 19, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. Order at Subscribe to NB YouTube: / Subscribe to PRISTINE YouTube: read more

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SONGWRITING insideOUT feat. Matt Epp

Dark Horse Institute and the International Songwriting Competition join forces to present SONGWRITING insideOUT, a new online video series on the processes and passions of songwriting.

Whether you’ve got a string of hits under your belt or you’re just starting out; whether your strong suit is words or music; whether you prefer to work alone or collaborate, this Dark Horse video series will provide valuable tips and tricks to up your game. read more

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RIGaLIVE 3 songwriting, 9.-11.10.2018, Riga, Latvia

With the support of the Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association (LaIPA) and the Ministry of Culture, for the third time Music Export Latvia organised a songwriting workshop called RIGaLIVE, with the aim to encourage the cooperation, raise the level of professionalism and to exchange experiences between the members of the music industry.
Musicians, producers, authors from Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany and England participated in songwriting session#3 .
Producers – Andis Ansons, Arnis Ra?inskis, Didzis Bardo, J?nis Egl?tis, Kaspars Ansons, Marka, M?rti?š Makreckis, Robert Ox, R?dolfs Budze.
Authors and performers – Aija Andrejeva, Liis Lemsalu, Aminata Savadogo, Samanta T?na Po?akova, Elza Rozent?le, M?ra Holšteina – Upmane, Lisbee Stainton, Krists Indrišonoks, Izumi Takagi, David Harks, Marta Grigale, Kristi?ns Laiz?ns, Elizabete Gaile, Janis Driksna, Mat?ss K?avi?š, Oskars Millers, Katrine L?kins, Kristine P?že, J?nis Niedra, J?lijs Melngailis, Johanna Kristina Artušjin. read more

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Marty Stuart on the Mystery of Songwriting | Country Music | PBS

Learn more: | #CountryMusicPBS
The divine inspiration behind the songs of the “Hillbilly Shakespeare:” Hank Williams. Just one of the stories in Country Music, the sweeping new series from filmmaker Ken Burns – Coming to PBS September 15th 8/7c. #CountryMusicPBS. read more

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Songwriting Tips in 120 Seconds | Melody and Music theory

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“How do you know that you really created a melody? Foolish q maybe, but I sometimes come up with a new song and later start to wonder if its a melody I might have heard years ago.” read more

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Basic Music Theory For Producers And Songwriters (part 1) “7 Notes, 7 Chords”

Want private music lessons? Visit: to register! 30 minute 1-on-1 lessons via Skype video 🙂


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SongWriters Showcase: Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt and Guy Clark

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??????? Songwriting ??? ?????

Songwriting I – Year One

Songwriter’s Skills and Craft
– Creative Songwriting: Melody and lyrics writing.
– Basic Structures: The Verse-Chorus (AB) form. The Verse-Chorus-Bridge form.
– Theory for Songwriters: Basic concepts of music theory for songwriters.
– Lyric-writing: The 6 best friends. Number of Lines. Length of Lines. Dimension of lines (external, internal, hybrid). Rhyme types.
– Rambling & Scaffolding: Generating ideas, getting inspiration, using your senses
– Rhetoric in Songwriting: Anaphora, Parallelism, etc.
– The Classic Form: Standard AABA form.
– AAA Forms and blues Form: Old but still gold song forms.
– History of Song: Glances at established songwriters.
– Introduction to Music Technology: Creating a song demo.
– Listening and analyzing songs: Understanding forms.
– Modes of Address: Lyrical. Dramatic. Narrative.
– Through-composed Form: a more complex song form.
– Basic Business of Music: Tips for new songwriters. read more

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