Lennon and McCartney on the Songwriting Process and Songs Written for Others – Beatles Interview

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Episode 33 – Songwriting Workflow & Music Psychology

Listen as Dan and Craig Anderton discuss all things related to songwriting and the psychology behind producing. Episode discussion highlights include: audio editing tips, how your brain processes music, discovering your original sound, the evolution of Ableton Live, and other topics. read more

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How To Choose Chords (Songwriting 101)

In this Songwriting 101 lesson, learn how to choose chords for your original song! Printable Cheat Sheet: https://www.patreon.com/dylanlaine // Don’t forget… ??

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How to Steal Chord Progressions & Other Songwriting Tips | Online Workshop with Matt Donner

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February 8th, 7-9pm PST

In this live online workshop, Pyramind YouTube star, Matt Donner, discusses how different songs leverage a particular technique to achieve “”that sound””. Starting with one common technique shared by Deadmau5, the Foo Fighters and Hans Zimmer, he will showcase how knowing and using music theory can allow you to “”borrow”” chords, progressions and modes to achieve an intense and downward movement in harmony. Matt will also cover more common progressions and ways to take simple (and well-used progressions) and add complexity and emotional change to be both unique and interesting.

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New album ‘BORN TO PERISH’! Order at http://nuclearblast.com/destruction-borntoperish. SUBSCRIBE to Destruction: http://nblast.de/subsDestrYt
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SuPeREC Summer Songwriting – Dance Song

For more info visit http://summer.superecproduction.com

Turn your holiday into days filled with music
Discover the wonder of music
Give yourself and your children the chance to rap, sing and play
Write their own music
Record a song like their heroes read more

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I had to take time an address what’s going on with the #musicmodernizationact , what’s the deal with #spotify and #amazon suing songwriters and how us as creator can better inform ourselves and support those who are supporting us!! read more

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How to Write a Song : Songwriting: Structure

It’s OK to break the rules of songwriting, but know the structure of a song first so that you can break the rules intelligently. Learn how to write a song in this free music video.

Expert: Athena Reich
Contact: www.athenareich.com
Bio: Athena Reich is a professional musician, actress, artist, singer, songwriter and coach for all of the above.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Guitar Center Sessions: Dave Mustaine-Songwriting.

Dave Mustaine discusses song-writing at Guitar Center Sessions (Part 1 of 9).

Since forming Megadeth in 1983, Dave Mustaine has sold over 20 million albums, been nominate for 7 Grammys, and influenced and inspired a generation. Dave Mustaine shares his experiences and insights from his celebrated and distinguished career during Guitar Center Sessions in Hollywood CA. read more

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