Paul McCartney Songwriting Technique

This is a quick video on a simple and effective technique by the true master of songwriting, PAUL MCCARTNEY! Examples include Yellow Submarine, Carry That Weight, Golden Slumbers, Band on the Run, Hey Jude, When I’m 64, and Ob la di Ob la da. #beatles #paulmccartney #beatleschordprogressions

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Tim Hughes – Songwriting Thoughts Part 2

(from Holding Nothing Back – Survivor Records 2007)


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HELP! What’s a MELODY, LYRIC, & RHYTHM? (Songwriting 101)

What ‘secret melody’ am I humming? This music lesson, will teach you about Melody, Lyric, and Rhythm! Next, learn Basic Rhythms in 3 Minutes! Watch: read more

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Beethoven’s Chords: A modern harmony songwriting perspective

Classic music can be thought of in terms of chords and chord progressions just like modern music! In this video we’ll be taking a look at a small bit out of Beethoven’s Sonata #8 (Pathetique) and break it down in terms of chords, progressions and chord voicings. Here is a great rendition of it by Daniel Barenboim, a fantastic pianist: read more

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Songwriting is most important to Old Dominion

Country band Old Dominion say songwriting is the most important thing when they went to make their new record, ‘Happy Endings,’ which also features a song about strong women. (Aug. 31)

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This is probably the most stressful and fun video we’ve made yet! Give it a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it! Also because I stayed up all night editing this lol SUBSCRIBE for more videos every Wednesday!! read more

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Songwriting Quick Tips – Brainstorming (Episode #1)



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Fiona Apple on Songwriting

None of this footage belongs to me, All footage belongs to the sundance channel and the creators of iconclasts.
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How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4

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Songwriting Made Simple | Interview with Dr. Maya Ackerman

Dr. Maya Ackerman, CEO of WaveAI Inc, shares the origins of ALYSIA – a Songwriting AI assistant that makes it easy for anyone, everywhere, to create original songs in minutes. read more

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