Why does the church need new songs? Haven’t we got plenty already that we can sing each week? Worship songwriter Krissy Nordhoff introduces us to why it is healthy for us to be writing new songs all the time, and how you can upload the songs you’ve written to Song Share from WeAreWorship.

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3 Replies to “Why Write New Worship Songs? Krissy Nordhoff and SongShare”

  1. So the scriptures in the Old Testament about “sing to the Lord, a new song“ or not about writing new songs. Jesus said all of the scripture points to him. When we look in revelation, it says “then they sing a new song“ that new song is the gospel. Every scripture that refers to “singing a new song“ is a reference to or a forward looking to the gospel. I am a songwriter who writes songs of worship, and I write new songs often. But that’s not because the Bible instructs us to write new songs. The “new song” is about the gospel not writing new songs.

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