Music Plus // Songwriting Tutorial with Robert Shields (Part 1 | Chords)

Music Plus presents the first in a series of music tutorials. This first video will concentrate on songwriting and features Robert Shields (Finding Albert) who will go through his approach to working with: Chords, Melody, Lyrics and Structure. read more

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10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners

Watch my new music video!:

10 MORE Songwriting Tips for Beginners:

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HELP! What’s a MELODY, LYRIC, & RHYTHM? (Songwriting 101)

What ‘secret melody’ am I humming? This music lesson, will teach you about Melody, Lyric, and Rhythm! Next, learn Basic Rhythms in 3 Minutes! Watch: read more

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To Sign with a Publisher or Not? | Songwriting Workshop

Over the last 30+ years, Don has written over 100 songs in the Christian/Gospel music industry. In this video, Don gives a great perspective to one of the more popular questions facing songwriters today. Also, find out who/what Don attributes much of his success to. Want to learn more about Songwriting? Check out our Songwriting Workshop playlist here: New videos posted every week! Subscribe today so you never miss a video: read more

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Pre-roll Chorus Melody Songwriting Tip

Songwriting Tip 2 – Pre-roll Chorus Melody

I’m going to make a lot of videos on songwriting tips and techniques. This songwriting tip covers how to write songs with a pick-up melody before the chorus. I give a lot of examples of hit songs that use this songwriting technique: read more

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