Music Plus // Songwriting Tutorial with Robert Shields (Part 1 | Chords)

Music Plus presents the first in a series of music tutorials. This first video will concentrate on songwriting and features Robert Shields (Finding Albert) who will go through his approach to working with: Chords, Melody, Lyrics and Structure. read more

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10 Songwriting Tips for Beginners

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10 MORE Songwriting Tips for Beginners:

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To Sign with a Publisher or Not? | Songwriting Workshop

Over the last 30+ years, Don has written over 100 songs in the Christian/Gospel music industry. In this video, Don gives a great perspective to one of the more popular questions facing songwriters today. Also, find out who/what Don attributes much of his success to. Want to learn more about Songwriting? Check out our Songwriting Workshop playlist here: New videos posted every week! Subscribe today so you never miss a video: read more

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Songs by the Sea – Brighton Songwriting Camp

Take a look at our BIMM Brighton Songwriting Camp, featuring Raygun Management and Polar Patrol. Students and alumni were invited to attend a networking event, work with signed songwriters on new material, and to test their songwriting skills. read more

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10 Lyric Writing Tips for Beginners

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Any lyricists that are just getting started – I hope these tips help you!

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Songwriting – How To Write a Song #1 – Chords (

Learn more at Learn how to choose the right chords to write songs. Stuck for a chorus or verse? Watch this video to see the tools you can use to find that missing link.

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Songwriting Techniques I STOLE From Dave Matthews & Jason Mraz

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Here are 2 songwriting techniques based on chords I picked up while learning Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz songs. read more

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Pat Pattison on Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Songwriters, Berklee!

Pat Pattison on songwriting, lyric writing, and songwriters. Legendary Berklee College of Music professor is interviewed by Kevin Thomas of Songwriting Planet. From modern songwriting techniques to literary criticism and linguistic philosophy, you will get a glimpse of the deep knowledge in Pat’s amazing songwriting books, Berklee courses, Coursera, and much more. read more

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