Songwriting Workshop I with Larry Dvoskin

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This is a continuation of the songwriting process as well as life lessons by the author about how to turn your passion for music, from hobby into a career. The songwriting professor Mr. Dvoskin is available to present ‘master classes’ worldwide, and from time to time schedule depending available for private “hire” to offer songwriting services, career coaching, and even song production. For professional inquiries: read more

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2018 Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge Finalist: Jillian Guetersloh

“Nothing at All”
Mentored by Anna K. Jacobs
Music Directed by Benjamin Rauhala
Performed by: Krystina Alabado (vocals), Benjamin Rauhala (piano), David Cinquegrana (guitar), Yair Evnine (cello), Sean Carney (violin) read more

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2016 Songwriting Challenge Video: Angel Rodriguez

2016 NEA National Songwriting Challenge Champion, Angel Rodriguez, Seattle, Washington.


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