Songwriting 101: How to write/record a “Better” song!

Music video for “Better” here:
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Take a peek into my songwriting/recording process. This is my version of “how to write a song” Ah. There’s not really a specific process, it just kind of happens. It can happen in so many different ways. I hope this inspires you to write a tune! Would love to hear what you all have written! This was a little scary…but very rewarding. Please let me know if you would like more videos like these. I enjoyed putting this together. read more

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Lada Gaga on Songwriting and Global Superstardom

Lady Gaga talks to WSJ’s Lee Hawkins in an exclusive interview about her plans to break into Bollywood-crazed India. She also discusses selling her album “Born This Way” on Amazon and her songwriting process.

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