The “multi-platinum” swedish songwriter Roomie shows you how to record a number one song – without talent! Inspired by Brett Domino:
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49 Replies to “How To Make a #1 Song – WITHOUT TALENT”

  1. SO, All the talent is in the editing. We give singers-songwriters-rappers too much credit. The pop music scene really is an industry, like a machine. Raw materials IN, sellable product OUT. My favorite part is so-so, low-low, fro-yo, yo-lo.

  2. Oh my god, this was so clever – I made my first own intelligent rhyming song yesterday, and knew it just wasn't commercial enough despite the lyrical content being better than today's typical rubbish. You've shown me what to do next!! Thank you, and you should release that rap commercially!!

  3. I am making a song, my first song but here are the lyrics:
    In the bed last night! Drunk and knocked out, right? You stare like i'm wierd! But really you.. Gave me the beer! Get out, started crying, you ran out the room without relieing.
    She comes in (walkin in) gets the thing ( mhm)
    Life is not good. It sucks like it should! But people act good. Lies are everywhere! Some people deserve better! Locked up in a cage. With nothing but A sweater. Wanna get violent but… I shouldn't, it sucks!

    That is where i have got to lol, hope it sounds good when i record it ??

  4. Bro, I saw the first part of you yelling in a video about a year ago, so I wanted to find the full thing. I was NOT expecting the rap part?? It honestly was very well made and I'm literally tearing up, I was laughing that hard. Bro, just keep making great content!

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