Songwriting Secrets to help you write stronger, and better songs. It doesn’t matter what style you write songs in, these are ways that you can capture more listeners with your songwriting.

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At Home Songwriting is a place for songwriters to learn about songwriting tips and songwriting process. Our videos will include songwriting tips for beginners, and songwriting advice for anyone that wants to write songs. We will explore songwriting how to’s, tutorials, tools, tricks, and even meet people like you that are writing songs at home. We will explore writing lyrics, melody writing, making grooves, coming up with chords, and even recording your songs. We will have step by step songwriting guides to show you how to write songs that move listeners. Find out how songwriting works, and songwriting can be learned. Songwriting is a craft that you can practice and master!

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  1. What if you already wrote lyrics of the song first A. man just got arrested we’re owning cannabis He got a life sentence he doesn’t deserve this oh deer what are broken system he knew the sentence he got was just insane because of the situation he went from Christian to Jane cuz that doesn’t involve God he said there goes my life There goes my future my everything Might as well just kiss It all goodbye there goes my life he wanted so desperately to return back home surrounded by many people he still felt All alone as he was defenseless trembling in fear The guards will still harsh on him They just not care said there goes my wife there goes my future my everything might as well just kiss it all goodbye his he had doctors appointments that he could not afford and so his physical problems were just being ignored oh dear how we take things for granted He said there goes my life the goes my future my everything might as well just kiss it all goodbye there goes my life
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