Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst: Songwriting Tips and Techniques

Presented by the Arts Management Program in the College of Charleston School of the Arts and sponsored by Borboleta Audio Mastering, “In the MIX: Music Industry Exchanges” is a FREE series takes place once a month on the College’s campus in the Emmett Robinson Theatre (in the Simons Center for the Arts, 54 Saint Philip St). The series kicked off on January 27, 2014 with guests Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst ’01 of Shovels & Rope discussing songwriting.

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“In the Mix: Music Industry Exchanges” will connect musicians and College of Charleston students to industry leaders with intimate conversations about success and experience in the music business. It will be moderated by Mark Bryan.

Successful musician and music industry advancement leader at the College of Charleston, Mark Bryan, expresses, “I’m excited to inspire and enlighten budding musicians through conversations with some of my peers and heroes.”

Bryan has taught music industry courses for the College’s Arts Management Program for five years; he is helping to develop a music industry concentration by generating interest of starting musicians and those wanting to pursue careers in music management. Bryan, along with industry expert and owner of Borboleta Audio Mastering, Duda Lucena, also has seen interest from musicians in the community to further enhance their knowledge of the music business.

Lucena remarks, “I believe this series is very important because it provides musicians with resources that push their music to the highest level.”

Charleston, S.C. is home to its own indie music label (Hearts and Plugs), international live online music series (Balcony TV), its own jazz and symphony orchestras (Charleston Jazz and Symphony Orchestras), more than 300 music venues (including Charleston Music Hall, Charleston Music Farm, Mezz, Awendaw Green), music blog (Metronome Charleston), dozens of music producers, more than six reputable recording studios, newly dedicated audio mastering studio, thousands of aspiring musicians and dozens of signed musicians who tour internationally but call Charleston home. Is there any doubt that Charleston is on the edge of becoming a hub for all things music? #Boundlesscofc


5 thoughts on “Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst: Songwriting Tips and Techniques

  • December 14, 2019 at 2:58 am

    This is very helpful and genuine! I'm currently in the middle of writing 100 song and 100 days on my channel, and advice like this is super helpful. Being 40 days in, I'm feeling a little burnt out and needed this. Thanks for posting!

  • December 14, 2019 at 2:58 am

    Shovels and Rope are one of the most honest acts today quite unlike all that manufactured product the comes from the professional songwriters that "collaborate" with the recording "artists". There's a place and skill for that but look how she looks at him when he talks about writing sessions and how he wrote dumb lyrics on purpose. She looks like she can't comprehend it. That why artists like Shovels and Rope have soul and "Artists" that that search for co-writers for product don't. Don't get me wrong a lot of products are good songs but most of it lacks the kind of soul you get from Shovels and Rope. Great representation in this of the different kind of writers 

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