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Welcome to my second Youtube Vlog, “Top 9 Tips For Writing A Country” Song”. If you’re a songwriter looking for some reminders & tips or maybe you’re looking for tips to start your songwriting journey, here is a video from me to you with my fave tips. I hope it helps you in some way!! If this is your first time here, I’m a country recording artist & singer/songwriter and have a new song coming out May 29th called “Free”! Being stuck in self-isolation during this pandemic and not being able to be on the road playing shows, I thought the best way would to connect would be on here. It’s a time where I think most of us feel like we want to be free again and I believe that any form on connection is so important right now. Please let me know in the comments below if there’s specific topics you’d like me to cover in my channel and stay tuned because I’m releasing new videos on new topics every Thursday at 11AM (est)
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17 Replies to “Top 9 Tips for Writing A Country Song”

  1. This is seriously the most informative and helpful video on songwriting I have yet found. You're easy to understand and you keep it simple for ignoramuses like me. Thanks so much for posting this. I am writing my first country song, at the age of 55, and had no idea how to go forward. I'm okay at writing the lyrics, but as I'm not a professional musician, I'm struggling with writing the music. Thanks again. This video gives me hope!

  2. I tried to write a songs so many time but no one succeeded. Over 10 songs that I wrote I only sang 3 of'em. But they are written in Filipino and In Our local dialect, I've been struggling to write a country song which is one of my dream and this video is a big help and guide…thank you and merry Christmas

  3. Hi my name is Amanda and I have been singing since I was little and after I had a little girl and got married I focused more on my family which I still want to do but I also want to continue chasing my dream of being a country music singer I am struggling to write a song for the first time and would definitely think it would help to maybe co write with someone to begin with. Feel free to message me or look me up on tik Tok ? thank you -Amanda ?

  4. What a great set of tips – really useful advice! Your tip regarding the use of words that bring a sense of ‘tactile-ness’ is deceptively powerful. Very many thanks for sharing, and very best wishes to you!

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