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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question…

Q: I’ve started composing song ideas, (in R&B, Rock, Pop, and some Blues), but I’m feeling that the grooves and any hooks that I come up with are a little on the weak side. Could you make a lesson running through the basic elements of creating original grooves and hooks for songs? If you could keep the ideas fairly generic, so they’d work for almost any style, that would be excellent. Thanks!
Tony – Randers, Denmark

A: Playing Catchy Grooves and Hooks has a lot to do with repetition. Repeating song parts that are low in complexity and high in basic phrasing and function creates the hook. Most people out there want to easily and quickly relate to music. That’s why we find so much of the pop-music out there, not only sounding the same, but applying very similar musical concepts. Repetitive ideas and similar rhythmic grooves will go a long way for a song to stay in a listeners memory. A solid rhythmic groove and a well balanced repeating phrase will keep the song in the listeners mind, even after the tune is all over & done.

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